British ‘kidults’ resurrect Milky Bar ad jingle

Milky bar kidults

Nestlé UK is looking for "kidults" to impersonate their Milky Bar Kid character for an upcoming campaign put together by the Santo agency to pitch their new raisin-and-biscuit Milky Bar to an adult market. Interested parties can submit videos of themselves dressed as the Kid (who kinda reminds me of the Partridge Family's drummer) to Milky Bar's website, and the winner will be central to an upcoming blitz of outdoor posters and digital ads. There's something deeply unsettling about referring to participants as "kidults," though – it's one of those gross ad biz portmanteaus like "tween" that sounds dirty and vaguely menacing. Good news is, if two of our readers complain, Britain's Advertising Standards Authority will probably ban this whole idea, and we'll never have to hear that word again.