Brink’s Prevents Stuff That Won’t Happen

Death It’s hard to blame Brink’s Home Security for turning to fear mongering in its ads, but one of the new TV spots takes it to a different level. Sadly, I couldn’t find the clip online, so you’ll have to live with this summary: A guy kisses his wife goodbye and leaves for work. The wife quickly sets the burglar alarm. Then a passing jogger raises the hood of his sweatshirt, gives the camera an evil look, and sprints into a Jackie Chan-style flying kick that shatters the front door. The alarm sounds, and he runs away. Brink’s saves the day. Now, it’s true that the front door is the most common place of entry for burglars. But would a guy who kung-fu kicks in the door of an occupied home at 8:30 in the morning be fazed by an alarm? Next up in Brink’s advertising: Kurt Russell flips the car from Death Proof right into your foyer!