Bosch Breaks Into People’s Homes in What We’re Supposed to Believe Is a Real Stunt

Prankvertising's not even trying anymore

Recent years have seen a slew of hidden-camera prank ads, and many of them are of dubious authenticity. But this new effort from Bosch in Belgium might take the prize for most laughably fake stunt commercial yet.

(You can watch the clip below before reading further, if you don't want us to spoil the supposed twist for you.)

The plot line, such as it is, goes like this: Apparent cat burglars turn out to be creepy do-gooders (a.k.a. Bosch representatives) who just want to break into homes so they can vacuum downstairs while the owners are upstairs sleeping. The take-away here is, of course, that the vacuums are surprisingly quiet.

Come daybreak, the owners are met at the door by strange men with video footage from within their homes while they slept. You know, the stuff of horror movies. But instead of slamming the door and calling the police, each homeowner seems quasi-delighted about the whole thing.

Sure, it's a cute idea tailored to the merits of the product. But they couldn't even get one or two of the residents to pretend to be indignant? Instead, the brand and agency BBDO Belgium in Brussels seem to have abdicated any sense that they were trying to make the illusion seem real.

In the end, ads like this need to go one way or the other: Either go for vaguely realistic (if largely questionable) reactions or just take a hard turn and let audiences enjoy the ride.