Bogusky leaves door open for Twitter return


There is hope in Twitterland. Less than a week after saying Twitter wasn't for him, Alex Bogusky is showing signs of having second thoughts. First, he gave an interview saying his Twitter exit was really just a matter of not having the time rather than any irreconcilable differences. (He also objected to AdFreak writing that he "broke up" with the service, saying that's an "emotionally charged" phrase.) Bogusky left his e-mail address on his Twitter page, which he's going to regret once it gets scraped by the spam bots. In an exchange with one admirer, the Crispin Porter + Bogusky creative chief said all hope is not lost for a return. Like all attention-seeking Twitterers, he just wants more followers. "If I had a following of 3,000 or something I would figure out a way to manage some sort of version where I don't feel so compelled to interact," he writes. At this moment, @bogusky is hovering at 1,757. Only another 1,243 to go before the second coming.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey