Bode Miller, local hero—more or less

Bode_bretton_woodsOne thing that quickly becomes apparent in northern New Hampshire during ski season is the claim local businesses make to the legend of Bode Miller, the local skier who won last year’s World Cup and who is considered by many to be the best skier in the world. Plastering a huge Bode Miller sign over the front door at Kelley’s Food Town in Franconia, N.H., seems merely a matter of local pride. But for ski resorts in the area, it’s more complicated. State-run Cannon Mountain, where Miller learned to ski, has only a small bulletin board of his accomplishments. But Bretton Woods, which is much farther from Miller’s Easton, N.H., home, features the skier (and the proclamation, “No. 1 Skier in the World!”) on its Web site and its brochures. The reason? Miller had a falling-out with the coaches at Cannon back in the early 1990s, causing him to switch affiliations to Bretton Woods.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor