Bird and bee face fertility problems together


A few months old, though new to us, is this campaign from EMD Serono, a pharma company, to raise awareness of infertility. Created by ad agency Mono, the Web clips, which use the tagline "Increase your chances," feature a married bird and bee bantering wittily about their disheartening struggle to get pregnant. Some might point out that they probably can't conceive because they're such different species—or, if they're humans, because they need sexier outfits. The goal for EMD Serono, which markets drugs that stimulate ovulation, is to de-stigmatize infertility. Says client rep David Stern: "We looked at everything being done online by IVF clinics, patient advocacy groups and competitors, and we saw very similar themes: flowers and soft colors and other warm, fuzzy things and babies. Lots of babies. It's all done very softly. We said, OK, a lot of people are doing this, and there's still this stigma. We want to do something different that will get a conversation started, in a way that's humorous without making fun." The making fun part can be saved for the guerrilla events, where the actor and actress have to show up in costume and answer questions. See four more clips after the jump.

—Posted by Tim Nudd