Bing’s lame jingle starts nice little squabble

Is it possible to have a three-way online flame war in which everyone wins? Apparently so. The battle in question began brewing Wednesday, when Microsoft announced the winner of its first Bing Jingle Contest. The winning entry, above, was created by Jonathan "Rock Cookie Bottom" Mann as part of his mission to write and post a new song each day. TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler took issue with the track in a post headlined "Bing Has Succeeded … In Finding The Worst Jingle Ever." Mann fired back with another song, below, that supposedly mocked Siegler but in fact made the blogger's writing sound downright lyrical. Then, Michael Arrington weighed in, because he just can't help himself, and Siegler claimed victory on a technicality. None of which really matters. What matters is Microsoft got tons of free publicity for Bing, Mann got a record number of views for one of his songs, and Siegler discovered his accidental songwriting skills. Now come on, everybody. Group hug!

—Posted by David Griner

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