Better Oats Snaps Up Pepsi’s Lapsed ‘Choice of a New Generation’ Slogan

Thrifty brand gloats about its coup

"The choice of a new generation" is no longer Pepsi-Cola, backed by a moonwalking Michael Jackson. It's Better Oats, backed by a doofus in his underwear in an unbearable commercial (below) where he sings about a "23-flavor celebration." Yes, how the mighty tagline has fallen. Pepsi allowed the trademark on its classic '80s slogan to lapse, and it's been snapped up by MOM Brands for its oats product. The little brand is now gloating over this coup. "In 1984, Pepsi paid the King of Pop millions to sing in its commercials," says the note we got. "Better Oats didn't pay nearly as much to adopt the phrase as its own. The whole point is to stay away from million-dollar marketing campaigns so Better Oats can pass the savings on to its customers." The brand further points out the irony that PepsiCo is the parent company of Better Oats's main competitor, Quaker Oats.