Beer Brand Concocts Crazy Hiding Places for That Last Bottle

Andes returns with another bro-friendly stunt

¿Dónde está la cerveza? Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi's past work for Andes beer was special because it broke through the fourth wall in big ways, extending its over-the-top wacky ideas—matter transporters and robo-pals—into Argentina's bar scene. Though still amusing, the agency's more recent "Andes Camouflager" effort seems smaller and more restrained, the "Lite" equivalent of earlier executions. The premise involves hiding your last, precious bottle of Andes in "things that no man would ever think to touch." Visitors to Andes' Facebook page in February could choose their own camouflage. Examples include a squash, a carton of rice milk, a bowl of broccoli and a moldy loaf of bread. Personally, I'd just hide my Andes inside an old Schlitz carton. No one would touch that with a 10-foot pole. Heck, a moldy loaf's more tempting. Via Adverblog.