Beef mountains and other appetizing sights

Meatfamily There’s a definite meat theme emerging today. First we came across Meatscapes, a collection of odd, ’70s-ish, meat-infused landscape collages by artist Nicolas Lampert. They’re meant to draw attention to humans’ blasé attitude regarding our sources of food, but it seems like the beef and pork councils have a pretty good start on an ad campaign here. Then there’s the news of The Sharper Image selling some incredibly expensive Trump Steaks, complete with an “exciting message from Donald Trump.” And finally, we’ve got some alluring meat and cheese bags from an Indian weight-loss company’s ads. (“Drop excess baggage“ is the tagline.) Seems beef really has brought sexy back. Via Spare Room, Brandweek’s Short Takes and Coolz0r.

—Posted by Tim Nudd