Bank Ad Takes Wearable Tech Mocking to New Heights With Family of Glassholes

Amish abuse, too

Lots of advertisers are anti-tech. But with more and more dorks strapping computers to their faces, anti-wearable-tech has become its own bona fide marketing subgenre.

In this well-timed ad for FirstBank from TDA_Boulder, we are transported into an absurd cautionary tale meets PSA meets totally believable dystopic scenario—as an entire family wears clumsy futuristic computer glasses that present pop-up ads, take selfies, post them to the Internet and generally distract the wearers while they attempt to eat dinner.

The solution, amusingly enough, is the bank's mobile app—which exists as an app on a regular smartphone, not on some wearable device, and so it's actually somewhat old-fashioned. "Get back to the real world," says the tagline. (Yes, apps are now, relatively speaking, "the real world.")

Three other ads take place in the polar opposite of the tech spectrum, Amish country, where stereotypical characters talk of tech sorcery and how inconvenient it is to physically go to a bank. Says one character, "I'd show you, but I'm not allowed to touch this thing."

Client: FirstBank
Advertising Agency: TDA_Boulder, Boulder, Colo.
Creative Director: Jeremy Seibold
Art Director: Austin O'Connor
Copywriter: Dan Colburn
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Schoenberg
Agency Producer: Susan Fisher
Production Company: MJZ
Directors: The Perlorian Brothers
Director of Photography: Marten Tedin
Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Line Producer: Brady Vant Hull
Editing: Cosmo Street Editorial
Editor: Katz
Assistant Editor: John Bradley
Producer: Jamie Perritt
Color Correction: Company 3
Telecine Operator: Mike Pethel
Mix, Sound Design: Lime Studios
Engineer: Zac Fisher
Published: April 2014