Baby carrots getting a junk-food makeover


As the more responsible and lame dietary option, healthy food has always taken a backseat to junk food. But the carrot industry aims to change that with a $25 million campaign designed to make baby carrots cool—by making them look like junk food! According to USA Today, Crispin Porter + Bogusky (whose food-marketing specialty is actual junk food) has been brought in to work this miracle. Its ideas range from "Doritos-like" packaging to irreverent billboards ("The original orange doodles") to TV spots touting baby carrots as "extreme, futuristic and even, yes, sexy." Not sure how well that last approach will work out. White Zombie was still putting out albums when youth-oriented marketing was "extreme," and I shudder at the idea of seeing phrases like "Xtreme Carrotz" in grocery stores. But I like the general idea. Baby carrots might never be cool, but getting more people to eat them is a decent goal, anyway.