Axe imitators don’t always smell quite right


Axe ads are often called misogynistic, but most of them (the BBH ones, anyway) are outlandish to the point of self-parody. (The infamous "Guy Wash" spot from BBH New York is like something out of Austin Powers.) But in the flood of imitation-Axe ads coming from the rest of the category, the results can be a little off. That's the case with Energy BBDO's work for Dial's Magnetic men's body wash. Print ads like the one above, and this "slumpbuster" one, err on the side of meathead-ish. The videos on the Web site (two of them are posted below) are better, with more of a sense of humor, though the NYC group-sniffing event is weird, and gets more so when the MC tells the women they've been "gang-sniffed" by the guys in the bathrobes. Turns out it's not so easy to do this stuff well after all. UPDATE: Here's one of the TV spots, which has a lot of singing and for some reason seems to target married couples.

—Posted by Tim Nudd