Award-Winning Spec Ad for Condoms Shows Just How Much Damage Kids Can Do

Protect your private parts now

Don't get me wrong. I love kids. They're adorable and tons of fun to be around. But man, can they be a handful. And these days, you can't even trust the girl next door to babysit. So, here's a message from some young filmmakers: Protect yourself, literally and figuratively.

The one-minute spec spot for Durex from director Paul Santana—named best spec spot of the year by the AICP—is borderline melodramatic genius. It's an excellent depiction of what may lie ahead if you're not careful. The music, which masterfully drives the piece, is Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, also known as the Moonlight Sonata, which is offset by humorous yet dramatic cinematography. The slow motion increasingly builds the misery of fatherhood: the unkempt yard, the overcooked hot dogs, the wild kids (why won't they stop running around?), the screaming wife, the fake smiles. Will it ever end? Then, wham, a wake-up call, a shot to the family jewels. Don't let it get this far, guys. Protect yourselves now so you don't have to protect yourselves for the rest of your natural lives.

Credits below.

Production Company: Supply and Demand
Executive Producers: Tim Case, Charles Salice
Director: Paul Santana
Producer: Brad English
Directors of Photography: Greg Daniels, Paul Santana
Editorial: Beast Detroit
Editor: Stewart Shevin
Visual Effects: Joe Laffey, The Stable