Australians hate new Australia tourism spot


Australia tourism can't catch a break. First, they had the "Where the bloody hell are you" debacle. Then this year's campaign, themed "There's nothing like Australia," got ambushed by mean-spirited parodies. Now, there's more bad news, as the latest spot in the campaign—the musical ad below from DDB Sydney, celebrating the country's signature landmarks—has drawn protests for portraying the natives as "a bunch of tone-deaf bogans." A bogan, apparently, is a lower-class creature possibly related to the American redneck. At this point, I think Australians will complain about anything their country puts out. They all seem to point to the Crocodile Dundee ads as a golden age of self-promotion. But he was a leathery rustic who shaved with a Bowie knife and slept in bogs. Compared to that, a little bad singing from some bogans isn't so bad.

—Posted by David Kiefaber