Aussie bankers flee small-business owners

M&C Saatchi's cinematic, stunt-heavy spot for Australia's ANZ Bank takes a bit too long to cut to the chase. Or I suppose it's the chase that takes too long. Whatever. By the end, most viewers will have figured out the punch line. The guy's a small-business banking professional. Warning: Spoiler ahead! Oops, I was late with that spoiler warning, but it doesn't matter, because the ending's not that much of a surprise. Still, the ad's engrossing and stands up to repeat viewings. You can't blame the guy for bolting, though. If those agitated Aussies were my clients, especially in this economy, I'd run too. I suppose ANZ deserves credit for accomplishing what would seem like an impossible task: generating sympathy for bankers in our age of recession and bailouts.

—Posted by David Gianatasio