Artist Achieves His Dream of Turning a City Street Into a Waterslide

96,000 people apply to ride

We've written before about artist Luke Jerram's ambitious plan to turn a Bristol street into a giant waterslide, but now he's gone ahead and done it.

Jerram's waterslide ended up being 300 feet long, and any locals who managed to get tickets for the slide were allowed to use it. A whopping 96,000 people applied, but only 360 were selected at random to participate. Comparisons to the golden tickets from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were made, and they're not wrong. The slide itself looks insanely fun, and a lot of people dressed for the event (the guy wearing a Flash costume is the most obvious, but there were others).

I don't know how many questions were raised about the intricacies and costs of urban planning, which was the original point of doing this, but whatever. It was a nice day and a lot of people enjoyed themselves. Sometimes that's enough.