Arnold crafts virtual aquariums for Carnival

Aquarium copy

Holy mackerel, Arnold's creative output is totally seaworthy lately. They've got the lure of advertising down pat. I don't mean to carp on it, but their campaigns reel you in. OK, I feel better now. Anyway, the agency's singing fish for McDonald's is an Internet sensation, and now the shop has introduced virtual aquariums for Carnival Cruise Lines. They've been set up in vacant storefronts (plenty of those) in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Baltimore. The sea creatures in the high-tech exhibits move around when passersby make silly, wide-mouthed "fish faces" and exaggerated swimming motions with their arms. Does that sound fishy? Feel free to try it in front of a Carnival display on a crowded street today. Just for the halibut. You'll get hooked.

—Posted by David Gianatasio