Are You a Republican Opposed to Trump? Be a Democrat for a Day, Says Wieden + Kennedy

Because not voting isn't an answer

We know, we know—it's been an exhausting, mind-boggling election season. 

But did you ever consider how Republicans feel? Sure, the Democrats lost Bernie, but at least there was Hillary. Even if she doesn't inspire roiling meme-able passions, she's qualified for the gig she's running for. 

On the other side of the field, there's the guy whose face is perhaps best known for giving The Apprentice its dramatic stakes. What's a Republican to do? 

With this quandary in mind, a few creatives at Wieden + Kennedy decided to help their disillusioned Red buddies out. Say hello to "1-Day Democrat."

The campaign is a call to arms for Republicans who may opt out of voting: If you want to save democracy (and your party), vote Democrat just for one day. You can forget about it on Nov. 9, and nobody ever has to know. But at least we won't be facing a morning-after that brings us flashbacks of Brexit.

Detractors may point out this solution won't exactly spark fire in the hearts of garden-variety Republicans. That's fair, but consider—this election year, who's really going to get what they want?