Are you ready for some circus-like sport?

I caught some of the Ravens/Broncos game last night on ESPN’s Monday Night Football, and it left me wondering how anyone can stand watching football. I rarely saw more than 10 minutes of continuous gameplay sandwiched between the same five ads (up yours, Hardee’s, some men do bake) and unnecessary cutaways to the announcer team. And that’s not including the barrage of onscreen graphics or any of the pregame rigmarole. At this rate, football’s levels of pageantry will surpass those of pro wrestling within my lifetime. They might as well start rigging the games now and embrace the inevitable. I mean, there’s enough of a football/wrestling crossover to make a profit, right? I guess not. Well, it’d still be worth it to see John Madden get speared through a flaming table.

—Posted by David Kiefaber