Are people getting used to high gas prices?

Though still squealing like stuck pigs about high gasoline prices, consumers are growing inured to them. At least, that’s the implication of some ABC News polling on the subject. In a survey fielded in the middle of this month, adults were asked whether they’ve cut back on their driving due to high gasoline prices. Just 15 percent said they have. Compare that with the 30 percent who said so in May of this year and the 50 percent who said so last September. As ABC News says in the headline to its write-up of the findings, “Most Feel Gas Pinch but Keep on Cruisin’.” As for the “pinch” part of the equation, the poll does find people saying they’re suffering financially because of high pump prices: 29 percent claim to be enduring “serious hardship” on that account. For a bit of quasi-historical perspective, though, note that the “serious hardship” tally was even higher (at 37 percent) in May 2004, when prices were considerably lower than they are now.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver