Are Dunkin’ Donuts better for you than TV?

Hill, Holliday calls this Dunkin' Donuts spot "Tractor Beam," but that freaky TV seems to be channeling (ha!) Poltergeist more than Star Trek, as it pulls the kids toward the screen. When Dad opens a box of Dunkin' treats on the kitchen table, the spell, or beam, is broken. The voiceover explains that it's all about "getting the family together with a tasty doughnut." That's an oddly Homer Simpson-esque sentiment that assumes eating sugary fried dough is somehow preferable to viewing televised fare. The proposition may hold true if the kids were watching Bill O'Reilly or that cinematic crap on AMC, but otherwise I'm not so sure. Consider the round-faced, solidly built (wink, wink) father in the spot. He should lay off the chocolate frosteds and serve up some salad. He should at least switch stations to an exercise show or, better yet, take those kids outside so they can work off all the calories he's stuffing down their throats.

—Posted by David Gianatasio