Arby’s Made a Totally Useless Chatbot to Make Fun of the Domino’s Tracker

This unhelping hand won't get you that Pizza Slider

Everyone raves about Domino’s technology, but Arby’s isn’t having it.

The fast-food chain has expanded into offering Pizza Sliders, which are basically pizza (pepperoni, provolone cheese, genoa salami and roasted garlic marinara) on a roll. And because pizza companies are so good at cutting-edge tech, Arby’s (with help from agency Fallon) decided to create a Pizza Slider chatbot to help you with your order.

Except it’s singularly unhelpful.

Check out how it works here on Facebook Messenger. But don’t expect it to provide much utility. It will talk to you, but it won’t under any circumstances actually help you procure a Pizza Slider.

The brand had a few chuckles about this in an email to AdFreak.

“Arby’s online ordering platform is unlike the ones you’ve probably seen plastered all over the internet lately,” they say. “Arby’s Pizza Slider Tracker Bot may be the most useless—albeit entertaining—thing to ever grace your Facebook page. Poking fun at traditional pizza company tendencies, Arby’s Pizza Slider Tracker Bot is more likely to send you a GIF of a dog than to actually take your Pizza Slider order.”

They go on: “If you’re feeling like you want a pizza, go ahead and start up a conversation with Arby’s Pizza Slider Tracker Bot. The final result may require you to get off the couch and pick up your pizza slider—but hey, more FitBit steps?”

See our conversation with the bot below:

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