Arby’s dealing with fast-food emergencies

Not content with an army of Riverdancing chimps (commanding such a force has always been a personal goal of mine, though), Arby’s reports that its latest effort marks the first time it is “leveraging social media.” No, the chimps aren’t Twittering, though I wish they would. Instead, the chain has cooked up (ha!) the Arby’s Rescue Brigade. No, it’s not a posse of chimps armed with Alka-Seltzer to rescue Arby’s diners. (Kidding, the roast beef’s great, I’m sure.) The client describes the brigade as “a group of dedicated Arby’s enthusiasts whose sole mission is to save the world from ordinary fast food.” There’s a Facebook page and a video contest to find the next brigade member. It all begs a question: Once the Wendy’s deal goes through, do the chimps have to wear red wigs?

—Posted by David Gianatasio