Apple’s Marc Newson Designs a Home Draught Beer Machine for Heineken

You need one of these, obviously

Industrial designer Marc Newson, who recently joined Apple, has wrapped up an old project with Heineken called the SUB, which the brewer is calling a "draught beer lifestyle appliance." Hoo boy. Right from the jump, it sounds like the beer equivalent of a French press, so if any of your friends buy one, expect them to get really snotty about it almost immediately.

PSFK has an interview with Newson in which he waxes nonspecific about the design and function of the SUB, which doesn't seem that different from a kegerator and relies on what Newson calls Heineken's "courage and foresight to embrace design as a way of differentiating themselves in the marketplace." This is a goofy, high-end tech-nerd way of saying, "Heineken paid me many dollars to make a branded kegerator for them."

He did a nice job, though. The SUB is a handsome centerpiece, especially when paired with modern furnishings. Deluxe versions of it come with a full serving case, glassware, mats and a skimmer.