Apple Celebrates All the Ways iPhones Make You a Better Parent

Find your dog, watch your kids, tend your garden

Don't worry, the future of the species is safe in Apple's hands—just look at all the ways the iPhone can help you better take care of your kids.

With the right apps and add-ons, it's a baby monitor, an educational aid, a thermometer and a flashlight to check for monsters under the bed. That, and much more, says a new ad from the brand.

It's a success insofar as it does what tech ads do at their best—illustrate how products make peoples' lives better, or at least more convenient. It also covers a lot of ground as far as variety of uses.

But it's not particularly groundbreaking. Instead it feels like a less-streamlined version of Google Nexus 7's camping spot from 2012. That story focused on a closer look at a single father-and-son pair. This one, more impressionistic, goes for the we-are-one-world vibe that is becoming familiar in Apple's advertising.

Here, that includes undertones that the brand's technology is a great unifying force at the heart of what really matters most: the children. Subtle as it may be, it does have a certain degree of power as an evolutionary sales pitch.

Strip that away, and it's not telling us much we haven't known for a while. Even as Apple has steadied its advertising over the past year, it's still celebrating, if very respectably, how Apple changed the world years ago.