Is AOL playing God with new AIM slogan?

IamaimAOL is using the phrase “I am,” a reordering of the letters AIM, as a sentence opener in current marketing for its AIM instant messenger—“I am instant messaging,” “I am e-mail,” “I am video chat” and so on. What’s the big deal? Some consider the new slogan to be blasphemy. “I am” is also the English translation of Yahweh, the self-proclaimed name of God, according to Exodus 3:13-15. (“And God said unto Moses, I am that I am.”) WorldNetDaily reports that a God-fearing man named Ian Miller sent a furious letter to AOL that read, in part, “This new marketing idea is bad corporate policy. I implore you to change the name of your programs and rebuke the marketing team who came up with this vile idea. I will stop using AIM and urge all of my colleagues to convert to your competitors, if this is not changed very soon.” We can’t imagine there’ll be much rebuking going on anytime soon.

—Posted by Tim Nudd