AOL hires penguin to ease privacy concerns

Mrpenguin Privacy is always going to be a hot topic on the Internet. After all, the thing that separates the Web from other media is its ability to target. The problem is, what if people get too creeped out by ad companies tracking their movements? AOL’s answer: Let Mr. Penguin do the ’splaining. The New York Times’s Bits blog has the storyboards of an upcoming AOL ad that explains the importance of Internet cookies, using the lovable Mr. Penguin to tell the wonderful story of behavioral targeting. As we learned back on Penguin Day here on AdFreak, penguins do tend to put the mind at ease. Still, I don’t know about Mr. Penguin’s look when he receives a targeted ad in the storyboard shown here. Shock? Glee? Alarm?

—Posted by Brian Morrissey