Antoine Dodson hawking a sex offender app

Antoine dodson app

Antoine Dodson continues to have far too much fun talking about rapists in his newest video collaboration, a commercial for the Sex Offender Tracker App (shown below). Sprinkling in a variety of references to the clip that made him an overnight YouTube celebrity, Dodson cheerfully explains how this app for iPhones and Android devices can help you find and presumably avoid registered sex offenders. "If these people done bad, and they're near your pad, the Sex Offender Tracker's gonna show you where they at," Dodson explains. As MSNBC's Technoblog reports, though, he's taking quite a few liberties in describing the app "like it's a pervert-detecting tricorder honing in on the twisted DNA of whoever's hanging around." Instead, the app just points out the addresses of registered sex offenders, which probably won't help much when you're on a plane.