Another Handy Map of the U.S. Shows Each State’s Biggest Liquor or Beer Brand

So many places to drink

The only downside to Steve Lovelace's Corporate States of America map, showing the most famous brands founded in each of the 50 states, was that there wasn't enough liquor involved. Only two were alcohol brands: Coors and Anheuser-Busch. Thrillist has decided to rectify that with its Red, White & Booze map, "plotting the biggest/most high-profile liquor or beer companies" in each of the 50 states. Check out it out above, and see a much larger PDF on the Thrillist site. Let the debates begin. First of all, why not Magic Hat in Vermont?

Not pictured and/or hard to read:

Alaska: Alaskan Brewing
Hawaii: Kona
Vermont: Hill Farmstead
New Hampshire: Smuttynose
Connecticut: Willimantic
Rhode Island: Narragansett
New Jersey: Jagermeister
Delaware: Dogfish Head
Maryland: Flying Dog