Another day at the ‘Office’ for Wolfowitz

Take embattled (and amorous) World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz, put him in a mashup of The Office, and you get, well … a typical Office episode, though Wolfowitz’s presence does lend the clip some extra star power. An effort to get PW ousted, it was created by Phil DeVellis, the guy who brought you the Hillary Clinton “1984” mashup. According to the press release, “Over 40,000 people from 189 different countries signed the [Dump Wolfie] online petition,” so the video may have better ratings than the series it spoofs. What’s next, a mash-up of The Millionaire starring U.S. attorney general Alberto “You’re Fired!” Gonzales? (Hey, DeVellis, if that pops up online, or Gonzo gets mashed into the Shatner role on a faux Boston Legal, I’ll know where you got the idea!)

—Posted by David Gianatasio