American Atheists Bide Their Time Playing the Grinch This Christmas

First billboard is just odd, but wait for the second

O ye of little faith … you've still got something to look forward to this holiday season. Just wait until Monday, when the American Atheists unveil a new billboard near the New Jersey entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel. They put one up already, in mid-November, that shows Jesus, Santa, the Roman god Neptune and a guy in a devil suit (see above). The text reads, "37 million Americans know myths when they see them. What do you see?" Most folks would see a muddled mess (but then, you'd hardly expect divinely inspired creative from a bunch of nonbelievers). This first sign hasn't even merited a paid-advertising response from the Catholic League. "It's inane," president Bill Donohue says. "Nobody knows what this means. I mean, Neptune? Over here, we just looked at each other in puzzlement." (Last year, financed by an Austrian backer outraged by the atheists' use of the Three Kings and a manger on its Lincoln Tunnel ad, the Catholic League put up a counter-billboard proclaiming, "You know it's real: This season, celebrate Jesus.") The atheists say Monday's billboard will be more shocking. "It will be a call to action. And both Poseidon and Jesus will be on it," says head atheist David Silverman. They plan to make the big reveal on Fox News, where myths and legends always receive maximum play.