All’s fair in new Schwarzenegger ad

Ca_statefair1What with all his high-level hobnobbing, it was heartening to see that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can still find time to hang out with the cute, short and chubby set. In Sacramento-based independent Mering & Associates’ new spot for the 2005 California State Fair—where "beach culture meets agriculture"—Arnold enjoys a relaxing day by the ocean, along with constituents including a sun-bathing pig, a volleyball-playing goat, a surfboard-toting cow and—well, in this case, short, chubby and famous—Twins co-star Danny DeVito. Word has yet to be heard from the gov’s fitness-magazine friends, but we’re relatively certain he’ll make sure all cameras are off before hitting the fair’s Magnificent Midway for an order of deep-fried Snickers-topped funnel cakes.

—Posted by Randi Schmelzer