For all your various ailments, try Daveoxyn

The new fun thing online, apparently, is creating one’s own fake drugs. A few months back, I created Dave-agra ("Dave" plus "Viagra." Don’t ask!) at, a site created by Door No. 3 for Cedra, a real overnight medical firm. The resulting phony slick print ad was fairly amusing. Now, Holton Sentivan + Gury’s self-promo site raises the dosage (ha!) by letting users make their own Big Pharma live-action TV spots. "There’s money in drug advertising," the site explains. Fair enough. My drug, flogged in the video above, is called Daveoxyn. The guy in the faux spot doesn’t really look like me, but he captures my inner malaise and fear of losing what’s left of my hair. At the end of the ad, he’s shown blissed out and drooling, which is always my goal on Saturday night. If this were a Tylenol spot, sales would skyrocket. It would also probably work for Pepsi.

—Posted by David Gianatasio