All of a sudden, car ads are to die for

Volkswagen apparently has some “edgy” work on tap, including a commercial called “Jumper,” in which a suicidal man on a ledge changes his mind after a stranger tells him about three sub-$17,000 models. The German automaker stirred controversy last year with its jarring ads that depicted collisions, but at least those had a broader safety message. Sort of. GM couldn’t get away with a suicidal robot, so I can only imagine VW will be pressured to edit or pull “Jumper” once it hits the air. Or maybe it won’t air at all. Maybe they just leaked word of the spot to create “buzz.” Either way, my overriding reaction is: The VW Rabbit is a reason to live? UPDATE: See the ad here. (Thanks Bill.) UPDATE 2: Sure enough, suicide-prevention groups are pissed.

—Posted by David Gianatasio