All forms of humanity wait for the iPhone

Packer_2 You know those guys who write “First” in the comments on every blog before anyone else can respond? Well, they do the same thing in real life. In this case, Long Islander and “serial firstie” Greg Packer (shown here) will be the first person to score an iPhone at the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Packer has been interviewed as a man on the street more than 100 times, and has used his acute sense of when and where lines form to meet celebrities and former presidents, and get first dibs at the Ground Zero viewing platform. In related news, Johnny Vulkan from New York agency Anomaly is waiting in line at the SoHo store to buy an iPhone so he can sell it on eBay and send the proceeds to Keep a Child Alive. It’s nice to know that people with too much free time occasionally donate some of it to charitable causes.

—Posted by David Kiefaber