Alex Tew works on his next million

AlextewAlex Tew, the now-famous 21-year-old British college student, is nearing his goal of making a million dollars selling $1-per-pixel ad space on his Web site, The Million Dollar Homepage. With just 1,000 pixels to go, Alex is squeezing every penny out of his venture. Rather than a straight-up sale for $1,000, he’s auctioning the remaining space on eBay, surely expecting to drive up the price. As of today, with five days left in the auction, bids had reached $152,300. We’re beginning to think Alex is a stone-cold genius. While a capitalist at heart, he is shutting the door on the reselling of ad space by current pixel owners: “While a ‘pixel after-market’ would be quite a cool concept, I am determined to maintain the idea of the homepage being an ‘Internet time capsule,’ ” he writes on his blog.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey