Air freshener that handles visible butt odors


My colleague Dave Kiefaber probably thought he'd found the goofiest odor-related ad of the year when he posted that Doc Bottom's Aspray spot. Sure, that had cartoon-style green smoke wafting from a plumber's rear end. But take a whiff of this! Direct from China—possibly the smelliest nation on earth, if only because it's the most populous—comes this sophomoric stankfest from DDB Shanghai. It's a print campaign for TianTian pocket-sized air freshener. The people's offensive emissions here are so objectionably intense, they resemble … I dunno, 3-D asterisks or some kind of horrific stink-buds blossoming from the folks' hindquarters. Hey, it's cute when you're an infant, but get too "relaxed" as an adult commuter and your fellow passengers will be spraying your Chinos with TianTian. Not that I'd know from personal experience, of course. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio