Ain’t this a fine pickle?

Picklebillboard_1When is a pickle not a pickle? When it’s confused with, uh, well look at this ad for Ivanabitch vodka and we’ve every confidence you can figure it out.

According to Empire Communications Group, the ad agency for Ivanabitch, the campaign has now found itself in a pickle (OK, we simply had to throw that in), because Viacom Outdoor and Clear Channel Outdoor have both banned the ads in the brand’s launch state of Florida. “These companies interpreted the pickle to be phallic,” said Pete Helow, a seemingly amazed managing partner at Empire, in this release. In fact, accompanying radio ads have also been banned, says the company, because they involve a woman saying she prefers her vodka "with a pickle."

As for Helow’s amazement, he says he was caught with his (oh let’s not go there) because the intention of the ads is to introduce Americans to the way Russians drink vodka—with a pickle. Having never been there, we honestly don’t know, but several posts from this forum on support his contention. But whether the pickle is meant to be served straight up, like the vodka, isn’t really explained.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor