Aerobicize me!

Lg_friesWe guess it’s good that McDonald’s is launching a new global campaign to promote fitness, given its super-sized ad budget, but something bothers us about the new effort—featuring the beyond-buff Venus and Serena Williams—anyway. We get that same squeamish feeling about this effort that we get when we see one of those ads from Philip Morris warning against smoking. It’s probably because we can’t get that adage “You are what you eat” out of our heads, and if McDonald’s is the land of the Big Mac and the French fry, then the fitness message doesn’t bear up very well to closer examination.

Yeah, we know that the company has introduced salads and fruit to its menu options, but in most people’s heads, McDonald’s will always be where to go to get a cholesterol fix. We’ve tried the salads, and they’re not bad, but, let’s get real: the company is still much better at making French fries and milk shakes than it is at shredding lettuce.

While we’re on the subject, has anyone else noticed that Ronald McDonald has been looking a little thinner lately?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Photo credit: McDonald’s