Advertising in Toronto spans earth and sky


Thanks to agencies Zig and Bos (who should team up for an Adult Swim show), you can’t look up or down in Toronto without seeing an ad. For radio station CFRB 1010, Zig poses controversial questions that the broadcaster might cover—such as "Should panhandling be illegal?" or "Is crime getting out of control?"—and brings them to life on the streets. Panhandlers cradle signs posing the first question, while police chalk outlines on the pavement illustrate the latter. There’s something touching about that panhandler’s expression and body language. And the somber juxtaposition of the street people’s plight and the chalk outlines gives the campaign extra emotional resonance. (See more photos of the work after the jump.) In fluffy contrast, Bos is sending Pillsbury Doughboy-style balloons and Flogos (which we’ve written about before) into the Toronto air for wireless provider Fido. Do Canadians appreciate their skies cluttered with marketing messages? Maybe that could be the topic of CFRB’s next show.

—Posted by David Gianatasio