Ads for Bianco shoes promise foot-orgasms

Bianco, the Danish footwear company that previously encouraged straight people to become gay in order to double their shoe collection, is back with a new campaign under the theme, "Orgasm for your feet." The ads show people's feet in the throes of toe-splayed ecstasy. There's the video above, as well as a handful of print ads, all done by an ad agency called & Co. Consumers are encouraged to get involved by uploading "a photo of your fun, freaky feet or a photo which shows your feet's love affair with great shoes in a creative way!" The winner gets one minute to carry as many shoes out of a Bianco store as he or she can. Bianco's been doing goofy advertising for a while. They had a campaign with the theme, "Because feet are ugly," and they did the bizarre spot below, which recommends having your hands surgically removed and attaching feet in their place.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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