Ads ask what kind of funeral you would like

Usually, the ads we get from Holland are sexy and fun. Not so this creepy campaign for funeral company Monuta from ad shop THEY, in which real folks ("volks"?) discuss what their "perfect funerals" would be like. With all due respect: Lighten up and focus on the here and now, my Dutch friends! Judging by these two clips, you're relatively young, in apparently good health and live in a quasi-socialist utopia that will foot every conceivable medical bill to keep you alive and enjoying that sordid Amsterdam nightlife for years to come! For my perfect funeral, I already know who I want as my pallbearers: those ball-bearing factory chicks from the last THEY campaign we featured here on AdFreak. If they can't bring a guy back from the dead, nobody can.

—Posted by David Gianatasio