Adidas shatters soccer players for new +F50 Tunit build-your-own shoe

Cisse I’ve always found soccer-shoe technology to be kind of amusing. Do the never-ending improvements to the boots really make the wearer play any better? (I guess you could ask the same about basketball shoes, or any sports shoe. Isn’t it mostly marketing?) Anyway, Adidas has a new soccer shoe out called the +F50 Tunit. The selling point here, strangely enough, is that shoe comes apart easily—into three interchangeable components: the upper, the chassis and the studs. The wearer can mix and match pieces based on weather, playing surface or (probably most important) personal style. Whatever the merits of the shoe itself, the marketing behind it is beautiful, showing pro players (like Liverpool’s Djibril Cissé, shown here) coming apart at the seams into dozens of pieces. The animation in this TV spot in particular, from 180/TBWA and 1st Avenue Machine, is stunning. And the music tops it off.

—Posted by Tim Nudd