AdFreak goes advergaming

Axe21All in the name of entertaining you, AdFreak has recently been perusing the latest online advergames, the kind that brands offer consumers who wander into their sites. (We’ll get to the one featuring the image shown here in a minute.) We’ve already mentioned Milwaukee’s Best Light’s games, but what are some other ones? And how good are they, really? A quick, unofficial, highly erratic search yielded some answers. The main way marketers seem to create online games is to take normal online games and plaster their logos all over them., for example, offers a ton of games. We didn’t play them all, but Ping Pong and (the unfortunately named) CornHole—two of the newer games—both proved to be able time-wasters. Moving along to the Hershey’s site, we discovered two games, "Hershey’s Kisses Way to Go!," a puzzle maze, and "Step by Step Word Ladder," understandably juvenile. In the realm of juvenile—but for an entirely different reason—we decided to try, the online game for Axe Unlimited, allowing users to try to seduce women online, which promised to be trashily offensive (as pictured above). But unfortunately, we couldn’t load it on our Mac, no matter which way we tried. What a waste! But the best game we found was a surprisingly hard Movie Star Matchup on, a trivia game that links the correct answer of the last question to the next question. (Hint to get to the game: once you’ve entered an age that will get you into the site, click on "Entertainment," not "Game Time.") AdFreak, a self-described movie buff, was stumped several times. We would continue this research, but our boss is beginning to give us dirty looks. If you have any tips, let us know!

—Posted by Mae Anderson