Ad slogans among TV’s greatest phrases

Sorry, Charlie. The vintage tagline from the old StarKist ad doesn’t make it onto TV Land’s list of the top 100 memorable TV catchphrases. But 10 other ads do, such as the classic Alka Seltzer tag, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.” Some of the ad lines are pretty strong. “I want my MTV!” seemingly foresaw the revolution in personalized media years before it happened. But others are pretty lame. There’s nothing terribly clever about “Time to make the donuts,” and I don’t remember it ever becoming a cultural slogan of any sort. If it were up to me, Charlie would kick the baker off the list. “It takes a licking but keeps on ticking,” the old Timex line, made the list, and rightfully so. It was always fun to see the producers devise new way to torture a watch. But how did they miss, “Mother, please, I’d rather do it myself!” So bad it was hilarious. The compilers probably weren’t born when that was on.

—Posted by Steve McClellan