Ad for Meat Marinades Takes Woman Down Rabbit Hole of Wiener Gobbling and Ham Straddling

Subtle, it is not

Hey there, incredibly hip and hot millennials. Packaged-seasoning brand Flava-it wants you to know its marinades are like a raunchy meat party in your mouth.

This loony new ad for the U.K. marketer features a gathering of twentysomethings sporting all the obligatory styles—fluorescent daisy dukes, thick-rimmed glasses, mountain-man beard. One bite of a sandwich leads a magenta-haired woman into a phantasmagoria of inappropriate food play, ultimately leaving her with eyes wide and hair mussed.

Because, in case the innuendo was too subtle, the brand's wares will make you feel like you're having an orgasm.

The "Meat Lust" campaign, created with digital agency Code Computerlove, also includes a BuzzFeed-style quiz, because that's what the kids are doing these days. It will judge how much you love meat by asking you what your favorite MeatLoaf song is, but replacing real titles with food wordplay (e.g., "I Will Eat Anything for Love (but I Won't Eat That)" and "You Took the Meat Right Out of My Mouth") and by telling you to pick an animal you can milk (a cat, goat, cow, donkey, potato or naked woman).

In other words, it certainly strikes the right ironically over-the-top tone for a certain kind of fun-loving dude. Or maybe just for very cheeky meatheads.