The ad, not the beer, will have you spinning

This "Lighter World" commercial from Spanish agency El Laboratorio for Mahou Premium Light beer finds tap dancers stepping lightly (ha!) on the walls and ceiling. According to info I found on the Web (and which therefore must be true), a rotating set was built in favor of using F/X. So, the room really was spinning, just like it would be after a few too many. That makes the routine especially impressive, though I imagine the performers' shins ached the next day. The upside-down bottle and graphics at the end are cute touches (and are extended to the Web site), though I'm not so sure "Coming up" is the best tagline. I prefer what I drink to stay down. And that god-awful "Pump Up the Jam" cover had me climbing the walls. I fell flat on my face after the second step. Stupid ad.

—Posted by David Gianatasio