Ad interns begging for Little Debbie muffins


Little Debbie and Alabama agency Luckie & Co. have a thing going this summer called Intern Hero, in which they're sending out muffins to interns nationwide who aren't too proud to beg for them with self-deprecating photos. (If the interns are starving, they can eat the muffins, but the idea is to brown-nose one's superiors with them—thus, the "hero" part.) Needless to say, interns at ad agencies are all over this. That's the Modernista! crew above, worshipping an owl god that's probably just Lance Jensen in an owl suit. Other agency winners so far: five kids from Poke who are on a hunger strike; Brittany Toth at Ologie, whose peeled-back skull reveals muffin thoughts; and a group of six from Digitas who prefer the taste of muffins over that of office supplies. Keep up with the contest over on Twitter.

—Posted by Tim Nudd