Ad guys sure love to rant while on the road


Those of you who are frequently on the road visiting clients surely have an array of disturbing travel woes, whether it's delayed flights or sketchy hotel rooms. Most suffer travel indignities stoically; others use their social-media megaphones. This latter approach often fizzles. Delta seems pretty immune to social-media squeaky wheels. It ignored Joseph Jaffe's "Delta Skelter" campaign for two years and weathered UPS whiteboard guy/Martin Agency creative director Andy Azula's rant about a ruined family vacation. Other times, the outcome is better. Mullen creative chief Edward Boches, plagued by a leaky ceiling and an unhelpful staff in his Marriott hotel in the Chicago area last night, went on his blog to write a rather detailed suggestion of a customer bill of rights for the hotel chain. Today brought some measure of vindication for Boches when the poor Marriott general manager groveled in the comments section after giving Boches a free night and breakfast. He also got a case study on the power of social media and the need for brand responsiveness.